Why do we get up each day, go to school to teach children? I mean it certainly is not going to make you rich. Well my teacher friends, you’re probably the richest of all. You see, your classroom is your kingdom. Your warriors are your class. But the knowledge, the experience, the emotions, the skills are on the other side of the river and you are the bridge.

You are the bridge between your warriors and life. Your objective! To make the world better. To send out your army of change out into the world. To call out injustice, to sit with the lonely man, to demand equality and to treat people fairly.

Your mission is to wrap up your lessons in blankets of life’s lessons. To not only make sure they can count, but that they’re counting the right things like time and love. You get out of bed each day because there are 30 fish in your class, each with the ability to swim and breathe under water, but with no idea which direction to swim in. Your job is to help them find their way.

Help them make mistakes, help them get back up when things go wrong. Help them succeed. When you look deep down into what makes teachers tick, what makes them prepare lessons all night and mark books endlessly, it’s because they want change.

You are that change. ❤️ #teachers #education #children

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