‘Your job as a teacher is not to know everything, it’s to be open to everything

‘The biggest crime we can commit as teachers, is thinking that we need to know it all.’

Just as we ask our students to be open to new possibilities, we must also understand that every moment is an opportunity to learn something new.

Breathe the air, taste the water, get your feet wet and your hands dirty. Make mistakes, try new things and take these moments back into your classroom as angles of exploration.

Allow your students to see that you’re vulnerable, you’re a real person that just like your students has an inner child hidden within that likes to laugh, dance and sing!

Knowing everything, being perfect and getting everything right is not what this profession is about.

Showing our children that’s it’s ok to be wrong, it’s ok for plans to go topsy turvey and it’s more than fine to experiment with proven theories is!

‘Your job as a teacher is not to know everything, it’s to be open to everything.’

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  1. Urvashi Sah
    3 weeks ago

    What a lovely piece of article I have read today! I am going to begin my class as the main teacher on 1/05/2021. This made me confident and I will be myself.. curious to learn, talk, know, and dance laugh!! WOw, Gavin Thanks!

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