10 Ways To Instill Emotional Intelligence in your Children. 

As schools start to move away from focussing on academics, and begin to understand the benefits of fundamental skills such as empathy or resilience.It is important to have a list of tangible exercises that parents can implement at home.

Here’s this week’s top 10:

• Discuss the origins of food and why we should consume them. What do they do for our body?

• Provide your child with appropriately sized furniture and allow them to take responsibility for it. “I’m cleaning my table, are you doing yours?”

• Show pictures of your life and relate them to real stories. (The man is wearing white for 1 year because his mother died) 

• Promote politeness and gratitude. Even for the smallest things. Model this behaviour.

• Spend time with people of all ages and allow your child to engage with all of them. There’s a lot to learn from leading and being lead.

• Enjoy learning about different religions and discuss other beliefs. Grow acceptance and understanding.

• Encourage a diverse lifestyle. Visit other areas of town, eat a variety of foods and encourage a multicultural home.

• Tell jokes and play tricks on each other. Allow your child to have a sense of humour. Teach them how to take a joke.

• Take your child to work sometimes and show them exactly what you do. Make it all real.

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