What is a Cross Curricular Program? 

What does a cross curricular approach to teaching look like? 
As the curriculum becomes busier and the time constraints become tighter. Schools, colleges and preschools are moving towards a cross-curricular approach to teaching, but what does it look like? 

When it was first brought to the table, teachers simply carried on teaching the way they had always done, but attempted to make links between subjects as the week progressed. It didn’t work! 

Today the cross curricular approach looks very different. More than ever we are aware that most subjects are interlinked and can be taught together. 

Egyptian History for example involves maths, which includes written texts, and poetry, engineering of the pyramids, symmetry, settlements, civilisations and language. That’s half the curriculum ticked off in a heartbeat. 

Add the reading they’ll have to do and the technology to research the subject, mixed with the collaborative teamwork it’s going to take to build that monsters pyramid and you’ve got a fully comprehensive competence based curriculum, designed to develop academics and soft skills combined. 

It’s essentially Montessori 

The only constant in education is change and you’re it. 

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