The Power of a Diverse Pedagogy. 

I used to have the pleasure of teaching this young man, and he’s a Montessori child!!! Ahhh the pleasures of seeing young people like this succeed. 
You see, if he were in a static, sit down and face the front classroom, this letter would never be in the curriculum and therefore this news story, his confidence and ultimately his inspiration to others would never exist. 

He’d be writing to a fictional principal about classroom or playground rules that don’t exist. The letter would never be read, it would be marked and filed for his portfolio and report. 

I mean come on let’s make learning real. Write letters to real people, write stories to be read to others, design posters that will actually be displayed and teach maths that can be used. 

Just another reason why we all turn our heads towards the power of the Montessori pedagogy


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