Your job as the teacher is the bring the world int…

Your job as the teacher is the bring the world into the classroom. Every word that has been written, every poem spoken, painting hung and song sung occurred on this big blue ball we call home.

Your job as the teacher is to tell the story of the earth and it’s inhabitants. The rocks, the rivers, the mountains, insects, animals and humans have a story to tell.

Find those stories, go into the hills and discover what the earth has to offer and then grab it with both hands and bring it back into the classroom. Show your children what you found, tell them your story and ignite their passion.

If you as the teacher experience the world first hand, the children will have a direct connection to the learning. You will validate their need to explore.

“You are the bridge between the child and the knowledge”

Your experiences will build those bridges and the excitement in their eyes will allow them to cross.

My grandfather told me “if you’re having a boring day, get out of the house, go for a walk and talk to everyone you meet until your day gets interesting.”

Not bad advice!!!

Have a great day!!! ❤️

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