Yesterday I spoke in melbourne to group of year 10…

Yesterday I spoke in melbourne to group of year 10 students about the power of 1. The power of you and the power of us.

I spoke in great length about my childhood. I was bullied for being poor. I was beaten up by boys on a regular basis, my lunch thrown in the dirt and stood on. Often asked to engage in fights where the whole school would gather in a circle to see the beating take place. Not one person intervening.

It was awful. I hated going to school. One day I stood up for myself and hit back. Not with my fists, not with my words but with my mind.

I decided to use all that anger, frustration and angst to do something good. To show those people who humiliated me in front of the class that I could succeed.

That I will not crumble under the weight of your words and isolation. That the power of 1 is great, determination, vision and social impact can help our children rise from the ashes of playground bullying.

I am available if you want me to visit your high school. I’d like to spread the words of inclusivity, I want the youth to know that they have a place in this world. Their voices will be heard and their actions listened to.

If you’d like me to come along to your school assembly then I’m right here!!

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