Why Concrete Materials?

Concrete materials are the key to instilling a love of learning in your classroom. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also play other crucial roles as your children begin their journey of discovery.

Removing the text book and replacing it with inspirational lessons involving tactile and movable materials, develops a sense of individuality and independence that commercially produced texts just don’t offer.

These kinds of teaching materials allow children to:

• practise until they are ready to move onto the next task.

• become familiar with an exercise until they too are an expert at using it.

• develop leadership as your students teach each other using your tactile materials.

• be taken home to allow parents to understand how the learning happens.

• replicate and create similar materials to allow them to teach younger students.

• develop a sense of freedom of time limits, children can repeat until they reach mastery.

• be used in small groups, rather than always working alone.

• they are fun to make and can be created as a community project involving parents.

Once you move away from the standard text and create your own resources your classroom becomes unique, it is now yours.

If you need templates I have them, just ask.

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