Where Should your Child be at 9?

As teachers, we are all very much aware that there is a national curriculum in ‘most’ countries, that schools and teachers follow to maintain a sense of cohesion.

Quite often these curriculums focus on outcomes that are based around facts and skills. the problem is that the facts can be tested, graded and assessed, but as you can imagine, it is very hard to assess the essential skills such as empathy, compassion, resilience and communication.

In many schools the need for higher grades, rankings and percentages means skills are often forgotten, as grades are not only used by future schools to assess a child as they transition, but also act as a refection of the quality of the educational establishment from where the child came.

But how do we answer the following questions?

– What are essential skills?

– Can we really compare two children when they are so different?

– What should I expect from my child by the time they are 9?

– Is the teacher meeting the expectations of the child?

– As a parent., how do I know that my child is on the right track?

– What can I do at home to make sure that my child is set up for success?

This document should act as a guide to allow you to understand where your students are sitting.

Document can be found Here

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