When we educate the children in our class what is …

When we educate the children in our class what is our ultimate objective? What is the objective of the human race? Why are we here? I feel it is wrong to say that you teach your class to allow them to get the best job once graduated or the highest salary.

Many parents dream of their children becoming lawyers, doctors or architects. but why? because they pay high salaries? But they bring a great deal of pressure and stress.

What we need to foster is empathy for others.

For me the role of the teacher is to allow children to find their place in the world. to find the way they can make a difference. and ultimately leave the world and the people in it a little better than when they arrived.

A teacher once asked "What do you want to be when you're older?"

the child replied "Happy"

the teacher said "I don't think you understood the question."

"NO" said the young boy. "I don't think you understand the world."

'To truly educate the future of tomorrow we must allow them to understand how they can make a difference in the world and ultimately find happiness, for you will never feel what it means to be truly happy until you have helped someone who can never pay you back.'

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