I’m writing a book about a goat that travels from …

I’m writing a book about a goat that travels from the burning polluted forest to seek refuge in a field filled with buffalos. Only to be told that there’s not enough room or grass for her.

The buffalos soon learn the importance of diversity as she teaches them how to climb trees, do backflips and grow a goatee beard.

All of the fun is over when something goes wrong and she’s blamed because of her differences.

The buffalos soon discover the truth and go on an epic mission to find her, apologise and welcome her back.

Not only do they ask her to come too but all her friends are welcome too.

The story teaches the children about the power of acceptance. In a world masked with a crisis of innumerable proportions. Books with ethical and moral lessons are very important for me and the children of today.

My other books can be found here www.regarded.com.au

The book is illustrated by the amazing and we will keep you updated as the book progresses!!!

Have a lovely day!!! ❤️

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