When she asked me what the most important parts of…

When she asked me what the most important parts of a lesson were, I wrote them down so she’d never forget.

The perfect lesson has three major components.

INTRODUCTION – this is where you inform the class about what they are going to learn today and the reason you are bothering to teach it. (Validate your learning)

INSPIRATION – this is the part where you inspire the class in the subject in hand. “Today we are going to learn about dinosaurs, did you know that the brachiosaurus had two brains?

INDEPENDENCE – this is the part where the children are so excited about the subject that you allow them to work independently on the subject to discover new information and widen their own knowledge. “What would you like to know about dinosaurs and how are you going to represent your findings?”

Use these three words (the three I’s) to evaluate your teaching and learning in the primary classroom!!!

Good luck ❤️

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