Page 3 of my new book “How to raise amazing childr…

Page 3 of my new book “How to raise amazing children.” Is ready!

The book establishes the simple things that parents can do at home to help their children excel at school.

It’s not about teaching your child their times tables. (Although it is helpful).

It’s about the little intricacies of responsibility that we allow our children to have, ownership of their own world and the ability to make choices from a young age.

This page informs parents that it is important to;

Set goals and projects in the future to look forward to. (Establishing a connection with the future and time, organisation and planning)

Build something together. (Teamwork and a sense of achievement is crucial to building bonds together. Even if it’s just a den under the sofa cushions)

Make sure there’s a special shelf in the house for the child’s books and belongings. (A child needs their own area where their things belong and they are responsible for)

The book aims to empower parents at home to understand that most of the education and influence our children receive comes from home. We only have them for 6 hours per day.

What do you think?

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