In order to perform at your best as a teacher you …

In order to perform at your best as a teacher you must keep your mind and body active!

Teachers are granted holidays for two reasons;

Firstly, your job is hard. You have 30 students each and everyday. Each one with their own unique personality, vulnerabilities and needs. It’s not easy catering for all these variables. I mean a doctor, lawyer, surgeon only deals with one patient at a time. We have 30. And no two days are the same.

Secondly, you need to relax, recoup and rejuvenate your mind. Taste a new food, climb a mountain, ride a bike through a forest or swim in a lake. Either way you need these experiences to take back to your classroom. A new sense of perspective.

Remember, holidays are there to be taken. Don’t spend your time in school, go out into the world and bring your new perspective into each lesson you teach,

“The only thing that is constant in education is change and if you’re not constantly changing, the world and your students will leave you behind! “

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