What’s your Purpose?

If money was no object, what would you do with your time? Think about that for a while until you have an answer. What would you really do?

When you decide what job, activity of hobby truly makes your heart sing and your life seem full you stop everything and you do that.

You find your purpose, your goal. You find meaning.

Now you mustn’t give up. Don’t let the material world capture you and tell you that you need ‘things’ to be truly happy. For this is simply not true.

Keep doing that thing that makes your heart sing, keep working at it. It may be painting, woodwork or dance. Mine was teaching.

And yes, it will be hard, you may be living on the breadline? But soon you’ll become a master. It won’t seem like real work because all the while your heart is singing, you’re motivated. Alive!

And when you do become a master at your craft, the money will come. You’ll be one of the best. But from that moment on, you’ll never work a day in your life, because you did it for the right reasons.

“Teaching the children of the future is not a job, it’s a mission.”

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  1. Susan Brown
    8 months ago

    Hi Gavin,
    Tried to send message to you through contact, but keeps rejecting… tried from phone, iPad and laptop. Have put my email address on here in the hope you will email me and I can then simply email you… not giving up! That makes me smile, as it is something I always tell the children, to keep trying! I know you do too.
    Am the Early Years teacher keen to do free sessions at the Montessori Training Centre.
    Thank you very much.
    Susan 🙂

    • Gavin McCormack
      8 months ago

      Are you montessori trained?

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