What is the MOST valuable lesson we can teach our …

What is the MOST valuable lesson we can teach our children today. It’s this!

“Happiness doesn’t come easy!”

Money, gifts, looks or homes won’t make you happy! True happiness is gained when you can make a difference in this world and know that you did it for the right reasons.

In the classroom it is crucial that we enable our children to feel like they are making s difference to someone or something with tangible results.

If they are going to save the forests, plant some trees with them, if they’re going to clean up our oceans, go and physically clean a beach. If you’re going to raise money, make sure you can see the results.

“Every action has a consequence.” Is a crucial sign to have up in your classroom. The consequences of every action not only affect others but yourself too.

Just knowing that you helped another person can lift your spirits, help you sleep well at night and calm your soul.

When I decided to start training teachers and building schools in Nepal I didn’t know how it was going to make me feel. But being an emotional person I found myself almost in tears each night.

Not tears of sadness but tears of joy! I had never experienced happiness like it and now I’m sorry to say that I’m totally addicted to that feeling.

❤️ agree???

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