What may seem like work for you is not work for ch…

What may seem like work for you is not work for children. They love to be included in the running of he house and classroom.

Imitation of adults is a key component to the development of the child. “Model the behaviour you wish to see in your child and. It will surely emerge.”

Give children a role in the running of the day and they will engage with the responsibility required. Their crucial role in society is developed early.

Every action has a consequence and the child playing his part settling the table or sharpening the pencils is very important to him.

For without a set table we cannot eat, and without sharp pencils we can’t write.

These responsibilities will emerge as social responsibilities later such as care of the environment or loving one’s family and friends.

The small things we do today act as waves of responsibility on the world in the future. Make the splash with your children early and ride the wave later.

What do you think about this?

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