What are the Secrets to Happiness in the Classroom?

If there is one thing we can pass onto our children it is for them to appreciate what they have.

Each way of life is different but in order to accept and be tolerant, we must understand how others live, learn and love.

As teachers we can’t take our class into the mountains if India or the deserts of Africa but we must make sure we bring these experiences and ways of life into the classroom.

When our children become complacent about what they don’t have, or what they want. It is important for them to reflect on, and focus on what they “DO HAVE.”

The lesson of fundamental needs of humans teaches us that if we have the basics for life then we can be satisfied. There are things that will bring great happiness and none of these are nouns.

I often ask children “Do you have health, food, water, clean air, love, clothes and shelter?”

If their response is “Yes” then they have all the tools they need to start changing the world.

Searching for fulfilment in collecting possessions will not lead to happiness, but focussing on skills such as:

Emotional Intelligence

Self Awareness

Stress Management

Tolerance of Change and Uncertainty

Taking Criticism

Self Confidence





Self Assessment





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  1. Dr Rajesh R
    1 year ago

    It’s so true
    Thankfulness and Greatfulness makes onbhaooy.

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