The True Impact of Teaching

As I handed her the graduation certificate I knew that she was going to try her best to change the world. She said “Teaching is like a superpower and I intend to use it to do good.”

To see a wonderfully dedicated young lady graduate from our training centre in Kathmandu to venture out into the world makes my heart sing.

In her life as a teacher she will impact on thousands of lives. She will teach children how to do the right thing, how to love, learn and live and she will make an impact that will change the course of the lives of those lucky enough to be around her.

She will be a councillor, a friend, a parent, a confidént and a teacher. She will build bridges in the community to allow the children to fly. She will lay in bed at night worried about the children in her care.

She will make each and every day fun and exciting. She will make her children feel safe, secure and loved.

She will laminate, oh there will be a lot of laminating. She will come into work sick because she knows that those children need her.

She will give up her holidays to prepare for the following term and she will love it.

She is now a teacher and the journey has only just begun.

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