We have spent the last month rebranding our school…

We have spent the last month rebranding our school. Here’s the story behind our new logo. What do you think?

Maria Montessori studied children and the understanding of discovering a child's full potential. She embarked on a journey around the world, observing and understanding the cognitive development of the child.

One of the many fundamental outcomes from her research, was that teachers should consider 'The Whole Child.' and that all aspects of the child's development had to be taken into consideration whilst planning and preparing their educational Journey.

We have attempted to captivate this understanding in our new logo, which is primarily made up of four circles, equal in size. Representing that each and every aspect of the child's development is equally important. These four circles are then combined creating a flower symbol, representing natural growth and development but as you can see, they overlap. Meaning that yes there are four fundamental aspects to a child's education, but they marry and overlap as the journey through school takes place.

Essentially, the logo holds a striking message regarding our approach to education. Education should be about preparing the child for the future.

"Educating the whole child"

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