Parent teacher interviews!! They’re here! . Here a…

Parent teacher interviews!! They’re here! . Here are seven strategies to help yours run smoothly.

1. Start the interview with the question “How do you think your child has progressed over the last term?” This allows you to get a feel of how the parents thinks their child is doing.

2. For every negative thing you need to say about the student, say three positive things.

3. Be honest. Do not cover up issues you are having with the child. It will only come back to bite you later.

4. For every issue you have with s child, have a solution ready, that you are going to execute as soon as the meeting is over. “Tommy finds it hard to concentrate in class but we are currently working on a new system that will see him more engaged.”

5. Focus on the fundamentals of education. Intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical. These are the pillars of a person and their development.

6. Ask about routines at home. It’s your chance to find out what happens before school and in the evenings. Do the parents read with their children? Is dinner around the table or in front of the tv?

7.. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL. no surprises. Make sure that everything you are going to say has already been communicated to the parents in some way prior to the meeting.

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