We are lucky to live in a society that has everyth…

We are lucky to live in a society that has everything. Clean air, water, fresh food and a democracy that looks after our best interests. But the world is our home! And we need to teach our children that as it shrinks we should take responsibility for its wellbeing.

We often forget that those who are suffering or struggling are real. They’re real people who are being bombed in Syria, real children drowning in the Mediterranean Sea and real families being separated by ethnic cleansing.

It’s easy to see these news stories, flick the channel and pretend they are alien to us, on another planet almost. But it’s not the case. They’re only an 8 hour flight away.

We need to empower our students to feel as if the whole world is their responsibility. Yes the water is clean in Australia, but it doesn’t mean it’s clean in India. Yes our school has computers, books and teaching materials. But it doesn’t the mean that schools in Nepal have the same.

When I see a child in Nepal, I see every child in the world, when I see a river polluted in India, I see all rivers, when I see a family being bombed, I see my family.

Let’s promote global responsibility in our schools and we will see a brighter future for our planet.

Not everyone has the luxuries that we have.

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