Montessori’s tactile learning environments allow t…

Montessori’s tactile learning environments allow teachers to understand how a child’s understanding of a concept has developed and where to go next.

Along with these amazing resources we also avoid testing that results in comparative statistics. We don’t rank children against each other or form grades based upon their learning. We believe that each child is on their own journey. Our job is to get them across the line when they are ready.

You may ask? “How do you know where they are?” Well we don’t test, but we do interview. Twice per term we sit with the child and run through this term’s curriculum with them, talking, chatting and evaluating their learning.

There are so many things that exams don’t tell us that interviews do. I mean would you employ a person based on results alone? No!

Our interview technique which happens 8 times a year and lasts 30 minutes tells us their attainment plus these things.

1. How well developed are their conversation skills.

2. Can they self evaluate?

3. Can the child hold eye contact whilst conversing.

4. Their verbal comprehension skills.

5. Their ability to compromise.

Best of all, being upfront with a student about their goals takes them on the journey with you. Therefore they’re more likely to succeed!


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