If you can establish a culture of peer to peer tea…

If you can establish a culture of peer to peer teaching in your classroom then the benefits are amazing. Take a look at our students teaching each other process of photosynthesis.

The advantages include:

1. A deeper understanding of the concepts involved. If you’re taught a process it’s great, but if you can teach a process, the learning is multiplied significantly.

2. It’s demonstrates that not all lessons require written work to represent the fact that learning outcomes have been met.

3. It develops a sense of respect for your fellow students. “Hello can you show me how to? Can you teach me about?”

4. It’s provides the teacher with a multitude of cross curricular learning outcomes. Here you can see speaking and listening taking place.

5. Research shows that later the children who teach their peers will teach their mum, dad, uncle, cat or dog. Developing s real taste for leadership.

6. Best of all, it gives children a reason to work. What is the point of a child writing a report on the lifecycle of a butterfly? Well the answer is they’ve produced it in order to teach others, meaning;

It will need to be clear
Well explained
Well understood
And informative.

Promote a sense of peer teaching in your room and reap the rewards. ❤️

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