Today I’d like to give something back to my Linked…

Today I’d like to give something back to my LinkedIn family!

A few years ago I met Anthony Albanese who came to one of my book launches. From his meeting came great success, opportunities and now I’m where I want to be.

I would also like each and every one of you to be where you’d like to be and gain the following and the scope you dream of.

Today I collected 800 followers. I don’t deserve such a following but I’d like to share that following with you. I’d like to help each of you connect. Maybe there’s a job out there for you or an opportunity that you don’t know of.

Here’s how it works!!

Comment on this post. Say “Hello!”

Follow and connect with every person who comments on this post and you in turn will also be followed and connected.

If you have enough connections and followers then ignore this post or simply like it.

But if you comment, prepare for hundreds of connections and followers!!!

Let’s connect!!!

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