I’ve just begun to write my 6th book on ways paren…

I’ve just begun to write my 6th book on ways parents can encourage independence in their children.

The book is called “How to Raise Amazing Children!” And has 100 ways in which parents can help their children establish an independent routine at home that will filter into their educational life!

Surprisingly, it is the small things that can change the way your children operate but the seeds must be planted early!

Page 1 is all about packing the child’s bag.

A child should pack their own school bag from the age of 2. If it’s too heavy don’t carry it! They may complain but the next day they will make it lighter.

They may forget their hat and can’t play out during lunch time. Don’t drive to school and drop it off. They won’t forget to pack it tomorrow.

The ritual of unpacking the bag each night, putting things away translates to the classroom with placement of books and materials. Each has its place and must be returned after use.

The responsibility of owning your own things and being the master of your destiny is s crucial lesson from a very young age. And the school bag can be the first way to teach this valuable realisation.

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