To be the principal of a school Is not only about …

To be the principal of a school Is not only about leading your staff to a place where education is optimised. It’s about leading a community towards that goal.

Education and schooling are only a small cog in a hugely complex engine called society, and it is very difficult to find out if what you’re doing as a parent is helping your child’s journey! .

At school you can guarantee that as professionals, the teachers are working frantically to teach a dynamic and differentiated curriculum. But what can the rest of the community be doing to help too?

Here are five ways you can bring your child’s full potential to the boil at home.

1. Tell stories about the past. “When I was a child….”

2. Walk at night and talk about the universe. “Did you know that each star is a sun…”

3. Make a collection of something together. Leaves, sticks, rocks. “Wow, you’re a rock survivalist Tommy!”

4. Read each and every day.

5. Don’t pack in too many activities after school. Yes it looks great to have ballet, soccer, rugby, gymnastics and tennis coaching, but it does not allow your child to be bored, and therefor be creative!

A parents words are like the gospel. What you say to your child and how you act will be replicated x10 at school.

Good luck parents.


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