This year will be the year I focus my attention on…

This year will be the year I focus my attention on empowering the female community of Nepal. We had a packed house at the training centre whilst delivering techniques around using your local resources as s teaching tool.

Whilst teaching leaf classification we asked each student to bring a collection of leaves. We used them as teaching resources and “oh how much fun we had.”

We don’t need to spend millions of dollars on expensive materials, almost everything we need is outside in the garden.

Montessori wanted our children to be in touch with nature and in touch they shall be.

If you’re interested, I’m going to build a teacher training centre for women, run by women in Kathmandu this year. I’m looking for books, resources, people and support.

The aim, to empower women, to change the education system in an entire country and to allow children to reach fir their dreams and goals. Who’s in?

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