These are the children of Kavre. A village high in…

These are the children of Kavre. A village high in the Himalayan mountains. Their school fell off a mountain in the 2015 earthquake and until recently they were being taught in that chicken she’d behind me.

With mud for floors, animal poo in the corner of the room and tin for walls. This was no place for a child to spend their formative years.

This is not a sad story, this is a story of hope.

We scrambled some money together, got people to donate resources and build these guys a new school.

I’m writing because whilst building the new school I realised that because of this poverty and despair the children had developed forms of intelligence many of us forget to incorporate into our teaching.

Emotional intelligence – the boy who confirmed his mother.
Spatial intelligence – the girl who could find firewood each night without a torch.
musical-rhythmic – the group who played home made drums perfectly.
visual-spatial – the couple who mapped the ground ready for building to take place.
verbal-linguistic – everyone spoke perfect English from watching YouTube.
logical-mathematical – they grew just the right amount of rice to last a season.
interpersonal – they welcomed us into their homes without question.
naturalistic everyone grew their own food.

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