There are thousands of reasons that cause children…

There are thousands of reasons that cause children to smile but when a child displays anger there are hidden truths that we need to be aware of. Children are not the best at expressing their feelings through words, especially when they are angry.

Here are some possible reasons your child is displaying anger!

It could be because they are;

Embarrassed, shame, tricked, frustrated, distrustful, attacked, trapped, guilt, trauma, annoyed, disrespected, disappointed, uncomfortable, regret, scared, depressed, grumpy, rejected, nervous, exhausted, unsure, lonely, worried, hurt, grief, overwhelmed, disgusted, stressed, helpless, anxious, envious, offended, insecure, hurt.

Our job is to find out which one of these is causing the anger through conversation, and bring back that beautiful smile!

Share this status so we can start to improve the anger management in our schools and homes.

Happy friday ❤️

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