Life can be stressful and it’s so easy to get caug…

Life can be stressful and it’s so easy to get caught in the cycle. Are you interested in taking a 27 day wellness challenge? Here’s what you need to do.

Copy and paste these 27 things and simply print it out and do one each day. It’s that easy!!!

1. Go to be bed one hour earlier than usual

2. Turn off your smart phone notifications.

3. Eat lunch outside.

4. Go the whole day without complaining.

5. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for.

6. Make a list of goals for the week ahead.

7. Don’t reply to any emails.

8. Plant some seeds.

9. Go for a moonlit walk

10. Make your own salad.

11. Send an encouraging text to 5 people.

12. Make time for a wholesome breakfast.

13. Call someone you love and tell them.

14. Watch the sunset.

15. Wake up early and meditate.

16. Do one thing you’ve been putting off.

17. De clutter your desk.

18. Stroke an animal

19. Throw out 5 things you don’t use.

20. Plan a date with a good friend.

21. Write a letter to someone.

22. Go to the library alone.

23. Have a swim.

24. Draw a picture and frame it, give it away.

25. Help someone do something. Anyone/anything.

26. Make someone a card. Post it to them.

27. Share this status do more people join the challenge.


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