The ones who plant trees knowing that they will ne…

The ones who plant trees knowing that they will never sit in their shade, have at least begun to understand the true meaning of life.

Those who turn on the taps of honesty and truth, knowing that they will never be cooled by the waters of true ethical leadership, have it!

The people who light the fires of confidence and bravery, understanding their hands will never be warmed by the glow of greatness, can sleep well tonight.

Day in day out, there are those who smile in the face of negativity, fight for what’s right and sow fields of positivity and love, only to let others enjoy the fruits of their labour, do it for the greater good.

They enable clipped wings to fly again, they turn tears of laughter, into those of joy. Mistakes are encouraged, discovery is a job and inclusion and equality are just part of the furniture.

You my friend, are a teacher and don’t you ever forget how important you are in the future of those who are yet to set foot on the earth.

For you my dear, are the one who will lay the foundations for all that will walk after you no longer can.

Now get out there, hold your head up high , stand tall and be the best you can be.

For you are a teacher And you should be very proud!

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