The ‘mental health’ of our children

The ‘mental health’ of our children should be at the forefront of everything that we do. If we overlook this important part of early development, we may as well forget about learning altogether.

Here are some practical ways in which we can all care for our children’s well-being on a daily basis:

1. Show your children that you love and care for them.

2. Encourage and demonstrate how important exercise is for the brain and body.

3. Keep an eye out for a change in behaviour.

4. Regularly support, encourage and spend time listening to your children.

5. Manage daily stress by building in rest time into each and every day. You may also need a rest too.

6. Be proud of them. Tell them how they make you feel.

7. Be patient with your child. Don’t pressure them. They’ve got a lot going on in there.

8. Seek help from professionals if required.

9. Talk about feelings and what they mean. Not just theres, yours too.

10. Read up about mental health problems and what the signs that may alert you to their lurking existence.

11. Teach your child to effectively problem solve and unpack situations using language.

12. Make sure you take time to listen to what your child has to say, and respond accordingly.

13. Take care of yourself too.

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