Conflict resolution in the classroom

Conflict resolution in the classroom; the peace mat

Are you having trouble with conflict in your classroom? Home? Preschool? Are there two children that just don’t get along? Well read on!

What you need is called a “Peace Mat” it’s a small mat that you keep in a special place in the classroom.

You must explain to the class that if there is a disagreement of any sorts in the room, the child must not come and tell you “Thomas is using my pencil, Barbra said I smell of poo, Luke is reading my book!”

As busy teachers you don’t have time for these squabbles and would it be great if the children felt empowered enough to resolve these issues themselves?

Once an issue occurs the children are asked to take out the “peace mat” and sit on it together to talk things through.

The meeting must end with a hug or a handshake before the mat can be put away.

Flash cards can be included in the pack with starting sentences like “I didn’t like it when you ……….., I would feel really happy if you could try ……..”

As well as promoting resilience, independence, strength and emotional intelligence it also teaches English through debate. Try to introduce it in your classroom and check out the difference it makes.

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