The last time we built a school in the mountains w…

The last time we built a school in the mountains we named each of the classrooms after the biggest donors.

We made these signs to place above the doors of each room and this photo really captured how much fun we had together.

That day was the day we opened. The single most happiest and saddest day of my life.

You work so hard to achieve a goal, like running a marathon. You collect materials, order walls, cement, concrete and pay the locals to make their own school. It all comes together and you finally open the doors for the children. And as soon as you leave, as soon as it’s all over you feel so upset, so lost and lonely.

What shall I do next? I’ve trained hard for the marathon and now it’s over I’ve crossed the line, and I’ve finished!

There’s only one way to beat the post marathon blues!!!

Run another marathon!


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