The Importance of Preparation.

What is the definition of the prepared environment? Is it limited to the classroom or does it extend beyond the four walls?

Don’t think of yourself as a teacher, think of yourself as a gardener.

A gardener doesn’t tell the plants how to grow. A gardener provides the seed with the right environment, tweaks it on a regular basis, little more sunlight, less water, richer soil, bigger pot and sits back and watches as the plant grows itself!

The prepared environment is the current situation your child is exposed to from all angles. It’s their home life, their diet, their role models, their sleep pattern and also their classroom.

Whilst teachers work hard during the 145 hours past month that children attend school, parents and families must understand that during the 540 hours per month at home, the influence of the prepared environment at home will have a huge impact on the development of your child.

“Let’s prepare the soil well before planting the seeds of education and we will surely see a bumper harvest for the years to come.”

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