What are the Best Schools in the World Doing Differently?

“In the best schools in the world everyone is a teacher, including the students.”

• The parents have a voice about what they would like to see in their school.

• The students have a chance to give feedback on their educational journey.

• The principal guides the executive team based on regulations and the voice of the community.

• The executive team inform the coordinators about pedagogical changes and updates.

• The coordinators guide the teachers so that the school is singing from the same hymn sheet.

• The teachers educate the students to have independence and confidence.

• The students form groups and teams to educate each other and even their parents at home.

• The parents educate each other on good parenting skills and research based initiatives in the home.

• The school leadership team informs the parents on the schools expectations and philosophy so the children feel synergy in their daily life.

The best schools in the world are based around a sense of community. Bring everyone in on the way you teach and your goals, and the children will simply flourish.

No matter what position you hold in the community, You have three jobs to do as teachers.

1. Be clear about what you are teaching.

2. Be clear about your expectations by modelling what you wish to view.

3. Build confidence in your team.

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  1. Ruth Hargrave
    1 year ago

    How empowering such an education system would be! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ruby Taneja
    1 year ago

    Precisely explained every insight of the various educators engaged in the whole process.

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