The importance of a well stocked library within a …

The importance of a well stocked library within a school or community has a greater impact that one could possibly imagine, especially in countries where access to literature is hard to come by.

This week we built a new school for the people of Nawalparasi and as the doors opened, people gazed at the teaching materials in each of the rooms but when we opened the library doors something amazing happened.

Children instantly picked up books which interested them and sat and began to read. (Or look at the pictures) but the Intensity of their quest to be entertained by literature was astounding.

Similarly adults wandered in and did the same and soon the grandparents were in too being read to by their grandchildren and without even planning it……..

The centrepoint of the community was now at large. The library, like a wise old owl perched on a tree branch would be the place that everyone would come for free advice, guidance or peace.

Without the presence of a library a school is merely a place where children can be instructed. With a library a school becomes a place of independent learning for the entire community.


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