The classroom is a place where we bridge the gap b…

The classroom is a place where we bridge the gap between the child and the pathway to knowledge and experience. We focus a lot on the development of children academically but let us not forget that the social development of children is paramount if we want our students to succeed in all walks of life.

Here are some great social skills you can focus on in your classroom.

1. Taking another persons perspective.

2. Knowing that our impacts affect others.

3 taking turns.

4. Making eye contact.

5. Talking through a conflict.

6. Recognising how we feel.

7 learning to forgive others.

8 working together.

9. Compromising.

10. Resisting peer pressure. Saying “no I don’t want to!”

11. Taking risks.

12. Accepting criticism.

13. Not giving up.

14. Knowing your role in a team.

15. Complimenting others.

16. Being positive.

17. Conflict resolution.

18. Listening actively.

19. Waiting patiently.

20 being independent.

21. Being kind.

22. Using people’s names.

23. Waiting until a sue Amer has finished before speaking.

24. Asking for permission.

25. Celebrating success.

Talk about these over the coming weeks in your class. Start generating s list as s class. Talk about 1 per day and take the children in the journey with you.


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