School is not the army! We should not have our chi…

School is not the army! We should not have our children in a straight line. Who wants to stand in a straight line? You can’t see ahead!

Children should not be sitting at their desks all day. Who wants to sit down all day listening to somebody tell them facts? Nobody.

Children should not be quiet. Who wants to be quiet all day not speaking? Nobody. Children learn when they talk. It’s the teachers’ lack of self confidence to keep the children quiet. Let them speak!

Children should not be forced to learn a subject that does not interest them. If they’re not interested then maybe your lesson is boring. In fact it surely is. So prepare something more inspirational, capture their attention.

Children are happy with the simple things in life. Their objectives are to say hello to their friends, to make bonds, to find their own interests, to feel emotions and to test out their senses.

If we as teachers are forcing them to sit down, listen, write, read and go home. Then we will not develop young independent human beings. We will develop drones who cannot think for themselves or the rest of the world.

To analyse your teaching or your child’s teacher. Don’t look at the grades your children are getting.

Look at their eagerness to attend school!


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