Being a parent is not easy. Your children are grow…

Being a parent is not easy. Your children are growing, the community has expectations of you, there’s the pressures of school, after school activities and then there’s your own life! It’s hard and don’t let anyone tell you that you’ve got it easy!

Here are some ways you can help your children develop into wonderful young people.

Be a supportive parent in the school community.

Allow your child to get dirty.

Do not offer material rewards. Success is the accomplishment of finishing a project.

Allow your child to have his own voice.

Don’t speak for him/her.

Apologise to your child when you make a mistake.

Tell them how important they are and that you believe in them.

Always tell the truth.

Watch the sunrise and the sunset and discuss its beauty and importance.

Always refer to history. What was life like when…….

Share thought provoking news stories, avoid negative stereotypical tabloids.

Ask them to organise events on their own.

Tell your child how much you love them and why.

I’ll share more tomorrow if you want?


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