Parallel learning in the classroom …

Parallel learning in the classroom

In the average classroom we see teachers wanting to make sure they have full control over their students. But letting go of that control could be the best thing you ever do for their learning.

Having all the children looking at you, looking at the board, watching a video, has its place in education, but certainly not more than once per day.

In order to facilitate a rich tapestry of learning under your watch, you must establish several types of learning environments,

The first being parallel learning.

Parallel learning is simply when two or more students are working side by side on different projects. Every so often they will chat, laugh or giggle. Each is busy on their own items of achievement, stopping once in a while to compliment each other. “I like your picture.” Or to discuss something random. These children are at different levels, on different topics but love each other’s company.

The beauty of this kind of learning is each student not only teaches and inspires the other but they learn so much more than any teacher or test could ever deliver.

To name a few;

• Communication skills
• Patience
• Independence
• Leadership
• Judgement
• Companionship

How do you inspire parallel learning in your room?

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