The floor has been raised to protect from flooding…

The floor has been raised to protect from flooding, and the roof that will stop the rain and wind has finally arrived.

In a land far away from your iPhones and smart watches. A small community, living in mud houses and eating from the land gets on with life.

Their local mud school is in tatters. The roof is leaking, the walls are crumbling and the time has come.

Last year I visited their school and vowed to build them a new one. With your help we are well on the way. On Christmas Day this patch of land will be a school big enough to educate 100 children.

You’ve raised the money, you’ve sent the materials. All I’ve done is beg, bother and badger you.

I feel bad asking people to help but when I cut that ribbon on Christmas Day and share it with you. You’re hard work, your effort and the legacy will change the lives on many children today and forever.

Have a really beautiful weekend.

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