Never use Technology as a Reward or Punishment!

With many children finding themselves becoming obsessed with iPads, tablets and online gaming, parents are left wondering how to control the use of tech in the home without banning it altogether.

What are the hard-fast rules to allow families to use technology in the home in a healthy way?

Here are 4:

  1. Never use technology as a reward or punishment. When we stigmatise tech as something we get when we are good or lose when we are naughty, we emphasise it’s use. If we want our children to be able to live with or without tech, we must treat it as something normal, just another addition to their day. Normalise it’s use.
  2. Set specific times each day when tech can be used. (Regardless of behaviour). “Between 6 and 6:30 it’s iPad time.” Not one minute before or one minute after can the tech be used! Give your child a 5-minute warning when their time is almost up so that they can prepare to switch it off.
  3. Set parental limits on what can be searched, which apps can be used and never allow your child access to apps where private messages can be sent or received to them from strangers.
  4. Model the healthy use of tech to your children. Show them how you can live without it. No phones in the bedroom, on the dinner table etc

It’s really that easy!

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  1. Angeliki Tsionara
    3 months ago

    Excellent practical ideas. A future article must be about parents carelessness about this issue. Thank you for sharing.

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