Nepal is one of the most polluted countries on ear…

Nepal is one of the most polluted countries on earth. It’s not from pollution, it’s not from industry. It’s from ‘dust’.

Still after almost 3 years since the devastating earthquake rocked the whole country killing thousands. Nothing has been done. The corrupt leaders ran away with the world’s donations, they lined their pockets and left the nation in tatters.

Now the people need help. Help from us.

Two months ago I put a shout out for donations to be sent to where they will be stored until I arrive back.

Upon my arrival I will distribute these items to schools who need it most. Big thanks to for these items. A laminator and some teaching materials will go a long way.

If you’ve got something that could be of worth then please get in touch and I’ll give you the address. It will be collected by this man. Anand Devkota and we will help those who need help the most.,

Goodnight ❤️

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