Do you want to inspire your whole school to write …

Do you want to inspire your whole school to write for a purpose after 1 conversation with one student?

Follow these instructions.

1. Ask one child in the older year groups if he/she would like to run the school newspaper?

2. Once you find the candidate, tell them they are now the “chief editor” and that they will need to hire at least 7 journalists, each covering a different subject. (Sport, travel, food etc)

3. Ask them to design a poster, which will be placed all over school, advertising for journalists who must apply to the editor in writing about why they should get the job as a journalists.

4. The chief editor will read all the letters of application and hold interviews for those shortlisted.

5. The final 7 will be given a word count and a deadline on which their article must be submitted on a USB.

6. Help the editor construct a newspaper template on Microsoft word.

7. Once the articles have been received cut and paste the content into the newspaper.

8. Print the newspaper and sell it at the school’s front desk for $2 per copy.

9. Allows the editor to give her profits to charity and invite the local newspaper to come and take her photo.

10. Sit back and watch the newspaper get bigger and bigger each month.

Have fun. ❤️


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