Montessori's sentence analysis materials are t…

Montessori's sentence analysis materials are the only thing any parent or teacher requires to teach sentence structure and parts of speech but they are much more versatile than most people realise.

Not only do children find it fun to associate each shape with a type of word but the noun cards can easily be adapted to teach any subject.

For example, if you are discussing forests, then simply design nouns that are associated with the forest. If your teaching marine life, then change your nouns to match.

Alongside being so versatile in the sciences, they can also inspire sone very interesting creative writing ideas. Once the table is laid our (as shown in the picture) ask children to create a fictional sentence and turn it into a story. “The banana that ran away from home!”

You'll find that once you've introduced it once it's a material that children can use independently . It inspires leadership, expertise and collaboration.

But most of all, once it's made and laminated, it can educate children for years to come and all you need is a few pieces of card and some white paper.

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