Montessori designed her materials for the children

Montessori designed her materials so that childrem can not only understand the numbers as part of a greater system, they could feel the weight of each number in comparison to the last, they could see how big they were and comprehend that all numbers are linked and successive.

This is how we assess in Montessori classrooms. No need for formal assessments here. This guy knows his place value number system and there’s no doubt about it.

Our assessment of mathematics is something that’s easy to see from this image but it’s the soft skills he’s developed that are the hardest to notice.

The perseverance, determination, organisation, structure, enthusiasm, pride, self assessment, leadership, accuracy, inspiration, presentation.

The river of soft skills and competence development that runs wild through the Montessori pedagogy is its most redeeming factor.

Education can’t be taught, it has to be felt.

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