“Model the behaviour you wish to view in your chil…

“Model the behaviour you wish to view in your child.”

When parents or teachers observe their children, we recognise patterns in their behaviours. There are obvious traits.

Children are a product of their environment and it is parents play the most crucial role in the formative years of a child’s development.

Whilst observing, take time to note not only the positive aspects of your child’s personality, but the areas where they may need work.

For example, you may see that a child is finding it very hard to share his/her toys during playtime with a group of children. What’s the best way to teach this valuable lesson of sharing and inclusion?

Model it yourself. Share with them? Talk about how it feels to see others enjoy your belongings, share your food with mum, dad, friends. Make sure they can see, involve them, in your alone time reflect on how it felt to share and how it feels when people share with you.

Depending on the age of the child you may want to expand the subject into inclusion, acceptance, and even conflict, war and humanitarian issues.

You see children spend most of their formative years with their parents, no matter what teachers try to do, it is utterly impossible unless the parents are on the same page.

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