Make your own large bead frame

Maria Montessori designed her entire pedagogy for the poor children of Italy.

Her philosophy was based around a sharing of good pedagogy, education for all and ultimately a peaceful world.

Upon observing children use the objects in their natural environment such as sticks and stones to create patterns and order, she soon understood the power that the prepared environment could have upon a child’s development.

One of the most useful pieces of material she ever created was the large bead frame. Used for addition, subtraction and multiplication of numbers up to 10,000,000, it’s extremely useful and tactile.

Simple to use and surprisingly easy to make yourself at home.

Please take a look at the pictures below and hopefully you can make yourself one of these at home or at school.

Good luck

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    I really get inspired with all your posts ..really want to have such inspiration in me for others to follow

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